Data Mining for Software Development Project

I have encountered a paper about using data mining techniques for software development project. More about this please seeĀ

It is interesting to read because i have come up with similar ideas. In this paper, the authors have suggested to profile a software development project with different data sets and to collect the data and the final outcomes of each profile. With advanced data mining techniques a set of rules and attributes can be defined as the base to start up a software development project.

While reading this, i am considering if i can even go further. My thoughts are if i can also collect the data for every issues that i will have from a particular project and the dependencies of these issues of code modules level and also to collect data about the assignments of these dependent issues to the developers. Maybe these behaviors within the software development project can also provide a deep insight into the success of a software development project.





setting PHP Server Header


you get warning in your browser that the js data are transfered as MIME type text/xs-javascript,
Or you have delared in your html meta:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8" />

but you can still not read utf-8 charactor in your browser.

It is all because your server header is sending in a different definition.
I am using a lot Appache and PHP. So the definition in your html meta is not enough for a UTF-8

I need to set the Server header manually. It is possible to change the setting in Appache config file.
But mostly you don’t have the possibility to access this file.
In PHP you can set the server header with “header()” function.

For example:

// set server content header
header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8');

at the very first line of your php file. If the php file has include, you should
insert the header call at the very first line of your include file so that this
Server header modification always take effect first.


Php 5 Editor Evaluation


i am going to implement a rapid process prototyping tools with php5.
This RPP Tool should be cloud capable, ITSM/ITIL conform.

[Decision Point]
A php5 Editor with debugging is needed

The following 3 Tools are in scope.

Zend Studio 8
* system support: Linux/Windows
* Plugins: SVN, CVS
* Debugger: Zend Debugger
* Testing:
* Syntax Check: default
* Advanced OOP support:

Quanta Plus
no evaluation data

Eclipse/PDT (PHP Developer Tool)

* system support: Linux/Windows
* Plugins: CVS, Subversiv with Connector (for SVN)
* Debugger: Xdebug (Should be compiled with phpize, you need php-devel package)
* Testing: PHPunit for unit test, which should be installed extra. I have used jmeter with assertion for functional testing and performance testing
* Syntax Check: default
* Advanced OOP support: