active and deactive integrated camera for skype in lenovo notebook

There are several ways to deactive/active integrated camera for skype in lenovo notebook in windows 7 (example: x201t table)

1. deactive/active the camera in lenovo simpleTap (the camera utility will be executed)
2. deactive/active the camera in windows device manager
3. access the camera settings with Fn + F6
4. deactive/active the “Integrated camera” in Bios-> Security -> I/O Port Access
(Bios can be accessed with F1 during the restart of notebook)

[My Experience]
i have deactived the camera with lenovo camera utility, and it is not possible to access the camera anymore, even not using the windows default camera driver.
Somehow i remeber the deactivation with lenovo utility. i can access the camera
with windows 7 again. It is quite tricky with the lenovo camera utility.


heavy armed robot suit

The japanese heavy armed robot “Kuratas” to make your dream to be a robot pilot come true.

And here is an instruction video