Change generated import from double quote to single quote

The generated import statements for typescript in intellij IDE is im double quote, the style guidance of typescript complaints on that, so it needs to be changed to single quote.

[Approach for Intellij 2016]
Intellij IDEA -> Preferences-> Editor -> TypeScript -> Other -> Generated Code -> Quote marks: Single quote -> apply -> o.k.


[Approach for Intellij 2018.1]

Intellij IDEA -> Preferences-> Editor -> Code Style -> TypeScript -> Punctuation -> Use “double” quotes “always” :  “Single” quotes “always” -> apply -> o.k.



For Webstorm user, please check out the approach from following settings suggested on stackoverflow :


Installation of Apache Spark


eclipse uml plugin

objectaid is free eclipse UML plugin:

Emerging technologies relating to big data

Big data processing framework:

Distributed Computing Platform:

Apache ZooKeeper: A highly available, scalable, distributed, configuration, consensus, group membership, leader election, naming, and coordination service, which implements a degenerated version of Paxos algorithm, called ZAB (a total ordered broadcast protocol).


Graph processing:

rename git project directory name in eclipse

Since the menu action “refactor -> rename” for a java project in eclipse only updates the name tag in .project file. It is possible to rename the project root directory with the following 4 steps.

1. “refactor->rename” the project in eclipse with menu action to update the name tag in .project file.

2. Rename the project directory name in terminal/console in Linux with the following commands:

cd /home/user/git/repository/
git mv oldProjectName newProjectName

3. Commit and Push the change directly in eclipse with Git client

4. Remove the OldProject from your workspace (without delete the data from disk) and import newProject into workspace.