cloud for robotics

Internet is connecting people all over the world. Internet is great, because people can find information on it.

Why can’t machines using internet like people? It is because machines need more descriptions than people need on the internet. Internet is designed for people.

In the past, a lot of innovations have been done in the internet to make machines communicating with each other, soap is one of this example. But still it is kind of to extend human internet for machines. With the definition of cloud and cloud services, it has opened a new possibility to building a cloud for machine – robot internet.

In the cloud for robotics, robots and machines can search for information about a certain task and download program to achieve the certain task. More can be found in the following links:

Here is a nice video presentation of ROS in Google I/O 2011


IDE for professional JavaScript development

There are a lot of IDE in the market which can help you to program efficiently in your favorite program language.
As i started to program javascript professionaly, i have looked for a free IDE with

  • javascript syntax highlighting for object classes, methods and attributes.
  • syntax highlighting for JQuery should also be supported in IDE.
  • another key request is syntax highlight for css and html5, because you just rarely use javascript alone.

I have found the Plugins for Eclipse Juno

I am quite satisfied with this combination, since i can also develop for instance the backend services with PHP or Java within the Eclipse IDE with PHP PDT Plugin. I am also managed to integrate Eclipse IDE

  • with Issue Management Tools like Jire, Teamforge, Redmine for approachs like Scrum, Kanban
  • with Software Versioning and Configuration Management Tools like SVN and Git
  • with Software Deployment Tools like Ant, Jenkins and Maven

With this solution i am able to develop a complex user story from Frontend to Backend within a single configuration and deployment unit.

What i am still missing in this construction is the unit test for javascript and JQuery while the unit test and integration test can be actually run by Jenkins and the last test can be developed using selenium and jmeter.


JS Editor from Aptana Studio is not working properly for the JavaScript syntax highlighting. So i just switched to JTDS Editor from WTP. And the JQuery support for JS Editor in Aptana Studio is only for JQuery 1.4 and 1.6. Furthermore it is in most of the time not working.