Links relating to Cloud Computing

How Amazon’s cloud works:

AWS Introductions:
Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Introduction to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
AWS Compliance Shared Responsibility Model
Introduction to Amazon VPC
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud User Guide for Linux
Introduction to Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)

NIST Cloud Definition:

MapReduce: (related own blog post)

A Rigorous Approach to Cloud Benefit Quantification (Cloudonomics)

Deploying OpenStack with Fuel (OpenStack Training Video)

Microsoft Azure:
Azure for DreamSpark registration
Microsoft Azure user login page
Microsoft Azure Portal page

Microsoft Azure: (German language links)
DreamSpark Azure Subscription (German)
Tutorial how to use dreamspark (German)


Cloud IDEs

Just found an article  about the pros and cons of Cloud IDEs by Natasha Tasha from

Take a look at this article, maybe it will be a help. My experience with Cloud9 is great, the only thing, which still can be improved, is that cloud9 is not running in IE10/11 by the time of this blog post.

cloud for robotics

Internet is connecting people all over the world. Internet is great, because people can find information on it.

Why can’t machines using internet like people? It is because machines need more descriptions than people need on the internet. Internet is designed for people.

In the past, a lot of innovations have been done in the internet to make machines communicating with each other, soap is one of this example. But still it is kind of to extend human internet for machines. With the definition of cloud and cloud services, it has opened a new possibility to building a cloud for machine – robot internet.

In the cloud for robotics, robots and machines can search for information about a certain task and download program to achieve the certain task. More can be found in the following links:

Here is a nice video presentation of ROS in Google I/O 2011


Convert vmx data from version 4 to version 3.1.5


I have created a linux vmware guest system in a vmplayer 4 and want to

play this vmware guest in a vmware player 3.1.5

Since i can’t upgrade my pc from vmware player 3.1.5 to version 4,

i have to modify the vmx config data.


While playing the vmware guest in vmplayer 3.1.5 , i got this error message

“Invalid configuration file. File “D:\virtualmachines\Opensuse12.1-1\Opensuse12.1.vmx” was created by a VMware product with more features than this version of VMware Player and cannot be used with this version of VMware Player.
Cannot open configuration file D:\virtualmachines\Opensuse12.1-1\Opensuse12.1.vmx.”


Edit the xxx.vmx file

Change line: virtualHW.version = “8”

to : virtualHW.version = “7”


After this Modification , the guest is running in player 3.1.5

Php 5 Editor Evaluation


i am going to implement a rapid process prototyping tools with php5.
This RPP Tool should be cloud capable, ITSM/ITIL conform.

[Decision Point]
A php5 Editor with debugging is needed

The following 3 Tools are in scope.

Zend Studio 8
* system support: Linux/Windows
* Plugins: SVN, CVS
* Debugger: Zend Debugger
* Testing:
* Syntax Check: default
* Advanced OOP support:

Quanta Plus
no evaluation data

Eclipse/PDT (PHP Developer Tool)

* system support: Linux/Windows
* Plugins: CVS, Subversiv with Connector (for SVN)
* Debugger: Xdebug (Should be compiled with phpize, you need php-devel package)
* Testing: PHPunit for unit test, which should be installed extra. I have used jmeter with assertion for functional testing and performance testing
* Syntax Check: default
* Advanced OOP support: