AVR initilization failed

AVR initilization failed


This means that the programmer couldn’t talk to the chip. If you are using a “simple” programmer such as a serial or parallel port bitbang programmer, it could mean the programmer is at fault. Otherwise, it usually means the programmer is OK but it couldnt find the chip.

Check that the chip is powered, plugged into the socket or programmer properly, the programming cables are plugged in correctly, the header is wired correctly, etc. 99% of the time, it is a problem with wiring.


[My Solution]
I bought a new Programmer and new ISP cable, the error never ever comes
again. In my case is not the wiring, but the hardware is broken.





the ISP cable delivered with mysmartUSB Light has the following pin orders.
The connector has an arrow on the side, which marks the PIN 1 in row1. The opposite row of pin1 is pin 2, in the next colume is then pin 3 in row1 and the opposite of that is pin 4, pin 5 then follows Pin6

Pin1 = MISO
Pin2 = VTG / VCC
Pin3 = SCK
Pin4 = MOSI
Pin5 = RST
Pin6 = GND


********[in german]
das mitgelieferte ISP Kabel des mysmartUSB Light.
an diesem Stecker ist seitlich ein Pfeil, dieser markiert PIN 1. Der gegenüberliegende davon ist PIN 2, in der nächsten Reihe ist dann Pin3 u. Pin4, anschließend folgt Pin5 u. Pin6


Install AVR Plugin For Eclipse


Install Eclipse c/c++ with AVR Plugin in Opensuse 12.1

AVR Plugin: http://avr-eclipse.sourceforge.net


Before AVR Plugin installation you need to install following Page From
http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/CrossToolchain:/avr/openSUSE_Factory (delta updates)

(optional simulavr)

Installation (from within Eclipse)

  •  Help | Install New Software… | Add…
  •  http://avr-eclipse.sourceforge.net/updatesite


Create project

  • File | New | Project… | C/C++ | C Project | AVR Cross Target


After Creating the C Project use property to make advanced settings to specify target processor

AVR Eclipse Plugin – Advanced Settings

Open the Property of your C project in Eclipse
In AVR-> Target Hardware:  Specify target microcontroller in

  • MCU Type: ATtiny45 (later will also use ATmega8)
  • MCU Clock Frequency: typical values are 1 MHz (internal),
    8 MHz (external quartz) , 16 MHz (external quartz)

In AVR->AVRDude: Install program on microcontroller

  • Programmer->Programmer configuration->New->Name: mySmartUSB light
  • Programme Hardware: Atmel STK500 Version 2.x firmware
  • Override default port: /dev/tty.usbserial-A100OXPZ

more details ist dokumented in the following Webblog:

Have fun!

[Using myAVR Programmer]

http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/uisp (this package could be interessting)

there is no need to install the driver for myAVP Programmer, die Port
should be detacted automatically.

One more Link for Experiences with Eclipse AVR.