Data Mining for Software Development Project

I have encountered a paper about using data mining techniques for software development project. More about this please see

It is interesting to read because i have come up with similar ideas. In this paper, the authors have suggested to profile a software development project with different data sets and to collect the data and the final outcomes of each profile. With advanced data mining techniques a set of rules and attributes can be defined as the base to start up a software development project.

While reading this, i am considering if i can even go further. My thoughts are if i can also collect the data for every issues that i will have from a particular project and the dependencies of these issues of code modules level and also to collect data about the assignments of these dependent issues to the developers. Maybe these behaviors within the software development project can also provide a deep insight into the success of a software development project.





Agile Process Development

I am very happy to announce that my master thesis about “Agile Process Development” in IT Service Management can be downloaded from

Please be aware that this thesis is written in german.

May the force be with you and have fun.



useful links while working with jQuery mobile

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jQuery Mobile Events Diagram

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thanks Omar, here are some more detailed events diagram about pagecontainer in jQuery Mobile.

multi page events


single page events

for more details please visit

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Thanks Brad Broulik, we have an Events Diagram for jQuery Mobile. This is really helpful, for more details please visit

jQuery mobile events diagram


delete git branch in eclipse

Go to "Team > Remote > Push…"
from the menu. Select your repository, and click "Next".
Under "Remote ref to delete…"
select your branch and click "Add spec".
Then click "Finish".
This should delete the remote branch.