Php 5 Editor Evaluation


i am going to implement a rapid process prototyping tools with php5.
This RPP Tool should be cloud capable, ITSM/ITIL conform.

[Decision Point]
A php5 Editor with debugging is needed

The following 3 Tools are in scope.

Zend Studio 8
* system support: Linux/Windows
* Plugins: SVN, CVS
* Debugger: Zend Debugger
* Testing:
* Syntax Check: default
* Advanced OOP support:

Quanta Plus
no evaluation data

Eclipse/PDT (PHP Developer Tool)

* system support: Linux/Windows
* Plugins: CVS, Subversiv with Connector (for SVN)
* Debugger: Xdebug (Should be compiled with phpize, you need php-devel package)
* Testing: PHPunit for unit test, which should be installed extra. I have used jmeter with assertion for functional testing and performance testing
* Syntax Check: default
* Advanced OOP support:


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