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turn on transaction logging for DB in Informix 11.70x

Transaction Logging is turned off for database DB1


  • onmode -u #change to quiscent/single user mode and kill all attached session, this is important, with open sessions you can not change the logging mode
  • ontape -s -L 0 -B DB1 #use ontape -s to backup a Level 0 and turn on the Buffered Logging mode for database “DB1”
  • onmode -m #change from quiscent mode to multiuser mode/online mode

Now we are done.


  • onstat -g ses #Display the sessions
  • onmode -z <sessionid> #kill the sessions in informix


synchronize clipboards in opensuse 12.3

Installed a Opensuse 12.3 with Lxde as a guest os in vmware player 6.0.2 within an Opensuse 13.1 Host.

clipboard synchronization between the Host OS and the Guest OS is broken.

It seems to be an issue of host system. Linux uses different primay and secondary clipboard manager, i need to synchronize them all with “autocutsel”. After installed autocutsel this problem seems to be solved.

It seems to be an host kernel based issue. The copy of the same guest os is working well on another host.



custom the min-max-button in gnome 3 terminal

After installing the gnome 3 for my opensuse 13.1 the minimize and maximize button is missing by defaut.

Start the gnome tweak tool in your system terminal with your current user (not root)

$: gnome-tweak-tool &

choose -> Windows -> Titlebar Buttons -> Maximize and Minimize : on

This is also the way to enable icons on Desktop,

choose -> Desktop -> icons on Desktop : on

My system kernel : Linux VI3LINUX2 3.11.10-11-desktop


good SAP References

Steven has started to document his daily works with SAP development in his blog.

you may find lots of valuable insides and hints about ABAP development there.
Furthermore, he has also written tutorials about Scala. So just go and check it out.