Total number of subset of a set

The total number of subset of a set is “two to n”, (2^n), which is an exponential function of the cardinality of a given set.

More detailed explanation can be found under the referred link:


Structure and Filter Projects in Eclipse

After achieving more than 10 open projects and 10 closed projects in my eclipse, the list of projects in my workspace has become opaque and it is almost impossible to fold out a project at a glance. The eclipse “working set” has saved my day.

Eclipse “working set” can be used with

  • Package Explorer View
  • Navigator View

to structure and filter projects in Eclipse IDE.

To show “working set” in eclipse “package explorer”, select the “view menu” in “package explorer view”, which is the small triangle, to choose “Top Level Elements” from “project” to “working set”.

To filter projects in “navigation view” in eclipse with “working set”, please visit the following link for more details:

Math Terms

  • Lemma: a “helping theorem” or lemma (plural lemmata or lemmas) from the Ancient Greek λῆμμα (lemma, “anything which is received, such as a gift, profit, or a bribe”) is a proven proposition which is used as a stepping stone to a larger result rather than as a statement of interest by itself. (Source: Wikipedia)