Handle return in ES6 lambda expression

More details about how to handle the implicit and explicit can be found in the follow URL: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28889450/when-should-i-use-return-in-es6-arrow-functions


Change generated import from double quote to single quote

The generated import statements for typescript in intellij IDE is im double quote, the style guidance of typescript complaints on that, so it needs to be changed to single quote.

[Approach for Intellij 2016]
Intellij IDEA -> Preferences-> Editor -> TypeScript -> Other -> Generated Code -> Quote marks: Single quote -> apply -> o.k.


[Approach for Intellij 2018.1]

Intellij IDEA -> Preferences-> Editor -> Code Style -> TypeScript -> Punctuation -> Use “double” quotes “always” :  “Single” quotes “always” -> apply -> o.k.



For Webstorm user, please check out the approach from following settings suggested on stackoverflow :