useful references for android sdk

This is a good references about how to use adapter in android:


Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

I am starting to use Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio to controlling my Wowwee Rovio.

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (MRDS) is a freeware. The current version is R3, it can be downloaded from the microsoft web: . For the installation a visio studio c# express edition and the .net 3.5 are needed.

MRDS contains a bunch of services, codes and samples. Unfortunatly there are no prebuilt Services for controling Rovios movement. I am going to start at this point to build a rovio customer service in MRDS.

There are shared Rovio API und Wrapper code written in .net and C# available in CodePlex Web . I am going to start of these code base, it is not necessary to start everything new.