[Problem background]

ich made a new user for my Opensuse System. Want to use libre Office.


The application cannot be started. LibreOffice user installation could not be processed due to missing access rights. Please make sure that you have sufficient access rights for the following location and restart LibreOffice: /home/<username>/.config/.libreoffice/3-suse


The Issue means libreoffice can not access the .config/.libreoffice directory

As i looked to the rights it is made only for root access

so just execute

“sudo chown -R <username>:users /home/<username>/.config/.libreoffice/”

to change the permission of this .config directory


After permission change, libre Office runs for the appropriate user. I am just still wondering how it comes, the .libreoffice directory has root as owner at the very beginning.


Libre Office is a good alternativ to microsoft office sets, but why cannot opensourceĀ just work without any professional skills? šŸ™‚ life is still hard for a normal people in linux worlds.