Rovio 8233 (i-sobot, bioloid education kits)

I bought a Rovio 8233 yesterday by Amazone. They have almost 70% cut of the Rovio.
I am looking forward to receive it soon. A Rovio is a robot car with wifi webcam, here is the official support.

Here we go, this is my plan. I would like to use the Rovio to control the I-sobot robot, which i get in the last year. i have no idea how it can work, but i am sure i will find it out.

I-sobot is a very amazing little tiny robots with 17 Servomotors, you can find more about i-sobot in my link to i-sobot in robotsrule web, and here is an official web. The i-sobot has only a infrared receiver and rovio has remote wifi webcam. Maybe i can get some kid of swarm intelligence out of these two stuffs. Rovio should be the head of this team and i-sobot with it mobility should be the sidekick.

A link for more information about i-sobot:

I wish that one day i can have a set of bioloid premium kit, which build the education robots like lego with plug.
But this bioloid set is really expensive. Here is an official link to bioloid website. Bioloid education kit is a product of South Korean company Robotis. I thought the japanese are great in building robots, it looks like that i was wrong. The most amazing thing in bioloid premium kit is the Gyro sensor. The Gyroscopes sensor allows robots to balance better and telling him what does gravitation means.


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